Festive prints

Get away from the boring black and white coats and get in with prints.  This xmas season look at various prints to lift your spirit

We picked up this hearts sweater from Forever 21 and its good to go with a red skirt and some boots.  Mix a dash of color with your black sweater and you will bring in the xmas cheer.  You can also try subtle print pants or pants with bold color


Bring out the Leather !!

While checking  out the new Forever 21 store, my attention was bought to the black leather dress by my dear friend Pooja.  My first instinct  was a bit of a shock but when i saw my friends trying it on i realized that its the next fashion statement, and sure enough Mrs Aishwarya Rai Bachan was spotted wearing something similar.  She was a Gucci dress with leather color and shoulder tabs.   Do remember, that if you are trying the all leather outfit  then you got to have a fabulous body because this dress does full justice to it.  Team it up with Leather boots and you will be the star of the party.

Leather mixed with cloth was another trend i had spotted in London, some months back and its also come to india now. Again at the Forever 21 store spotted a black pant with leather patches on the side,  giving it an edgy look. If you dont want to get a full leather dress then this will be your next best option.  Wearing leather is more of being  a powerful dresser.  Invest in a  colored leather jacket or some shoes and you have an easy option sitting in your wardrobe whenever you are in a hurry to rush out

Do show us how you have worn the black leather dress

A sublime cup of Tea

On a breezy Bangalore winter evening, if someone offers a cup of tea, a comfortable seating with an open air view and some soothing violins in the background, wouldn’t you jump at it?  That’s exactly why I ended up experiencing 7 cups of exquisite tea, thoroughly enjoying every sip.

Sublime – House of Tea, organised a tête-à-tête with tea tasting at UB City, as a part of the Trousseau week.  We were invited by Uzma Irfan, Executive Director – Prestige Group, she took us through the entire Tea range Sublime offers.

Sublime Tea caters to a niche, but growing market of tea connoisseurs.   It has 12 different types of tea, each with a secret ingredient.

We started with Seventh Heaven, which can be had either hot or cold. The top note of Seventh Heaven is refreshingly raspberry. I preferred the cold option than the hot one.  Seventh Heaven also makes for a great cocktail mix, note.

Moroccan Mint Mix; having this cup of tea transports you into the spice souks of Morocco. The fragrance is absolutely divine, of spices and tastes unmistakably of mint and cinnamon. This is an extremely exhilarating tea.  And my favourite amongst all.

The Green Long Tea came next. The leaves of this tea are long and it’s a better version of the usual green tea, with a fresh, lingering aftertaste.

The White Tea with raspberry is a very new variant and has health benefits. It’s mainly for detox and cleanses your skin

Sublime House of Tea brings you Assam CTC, Ginger Mint, Green Long, Green Tea (Jasmine Mandarin) , Rose in Bloom, Seventh Heaven.

The entire pack is elegantly put together and can make for a classy and premium gift too, this festive season. So go ahead and take your pick. Sublime House of Tea is available at UB city and at select gourmet outlets.

To follow them on FB – https://www.facebook.com/sublimetea


A Colorful Style

Whenever you meet Pooja Bhatia Arora, a fitness coach, she is always dressed in bright colors. Her style is very feminine with pretty dresses and burst of colors. She juxtaposes a solid color with a contrast. She prefers easy fabrics to the stiff materials, as she loves the flow. And when you look down at her shoes, you wonder how she is walking on them. She has heels going up to 9 inches and very comfortable in them. Her love for stilettos and wedges started way back and you can see her flashing some unique sole styles. She doesn’t like layers and is not a jackets person. Her style is not restricted to the season, here she is seeing wearing a shimmering white dress with red stilettos for an evening wear and she sure shines through. We absolutely love her easy breezy style and have her in our style radar. Watch out for more.

A Formal Style

Sandhya’s style is mostly formal.  She wants to be comfortable in what she is wearing and be stylish at the same time. Sandhyas Mantra – “Always have a statement piece either in the  form of a jewelry or a handbag” which adds a pop to your wardrobe. For her change is constant.  Sandhya doesn’t like to  dress up casually, being from a hospitality background, she believes that a formal outlook in her style gives other people a professional attitude towards her. Being an image consultant herself, she is always on the go, where she is always meeting clients and hence her formal look matches her profile and people dont take her for granted . Her warmth comes across with the way she speaks and interacts with her clients.  Her style shows her as a professional person. She always tries to add Jackets/blazers to her ensemble. You wouldnt catch sandhya in a casual attire, even if you do she will be mixing her casual attire with a jacket or a blazer   According to sandhya, clothes and an attitude give  respect to an individual. Sandhya Aiyer Oza is a Mrs Universe contestant and has recently won the title of Mrs Photogenic. Do you like sandhyas style? do leave us your feeback

Photo Couretsy –  BestPhotographers.BIZ‘s

Style Sisterz Tryst with Bollywood

Style Sisterz recently had an opportunity to be up close and personnel with the Bollywood stars at a recent red carpet event and we have done a full round up on their Fashion Style.  Do remember that this event was held in Mumbai, which at this point is humid, iam sure once you are inside it doesnt matter but to get there you need to wear comfortable clothes.  Keeping this in mind most of the stars chose to dress up casual but jazzed it up with a jacket.The white shirt/top was a repeat with most of the celebs.   Neha Dhupia looked amazing in a bright orange jacket by Royal Nilgiri  which resembled an old band uniform she teamed it up with white shirt and boyfriend jeans, Huma Qureshi was a stunner , she wore a Varun Bahl satin jacket with H&M pants, her neckpiece and clutch were quite different .Lisa Haydon looked stunning again in a white shirt  and surprisingly she wore flats – how cool is that?  All these stars chose to wear their hair up and looked very comfortable.  Shamita Shetty opted for a dress from forever new she was the few who wore a dress, but it looked good because of the color , Kiera wore a River Island dress and Raveen Tondon a jumpsuit .  Varun Dhawan, was in his cheerful best with jacket and a pop of color in his shoes, Yuvraj singh looked smashing, in a bandgala jacket  the surprise package was Anurag Kashyap who looked very fit

Do let us know whose style you liked the best

An Earthy Style

Chaitali’s style is more of an Indian banjara. She always had an eye for rustic and rural style . A wander at heart -Her style is what she creates. She is most comfortable with Ghagara and cholis then in a pair of Jeans. Her travels are her mecca . Her trip to Gujarat made her incorporate a lot of the culture in her own dressing.

Tying chunnis around her waist with leggings and making it her own style statement is what she loves to do .Breaking a lot of pre-conceived notions. She gives every garment her own twist. Even a saree on her gets a Chaitali’s twist. She likes going into remote corners and looking for jewelry and would rather look for locally available and handmade products than at branded clothes. For her what you wear,  should bring a part of you out to the world. She creates her style with layers and feels that when you listen to your body, your style emerges

Chaitali – A radical Baker

Travel Style -Goa

Whenever we pack for travel, we first think of comfort and not style.  Here are few tips to keep the style quotient intact, when you are travelling to a humid place like Goa
Clothes -weather is an important part of your travel so pack your clothes accordingly.  If its a humid climate take shorts or 3/4th pants and team it up with a jazzy top. If you are going to a sea area make sure your carry lots of whites, blues and pastel shades. They blend well and also make you a part of the place. Linens are another option for clothes you can look at. Flowy maxi dresses or kaftans can be your evening wear option.  Take a lot of tops with 2-3cotton pants which won’t take much space while packing. Also carry a light jacket /Stoll with you, cause the evening might get chilli.  And don’t forget your swimwear

Shoes : this is where you can really have fun. Try getting shoes with sparkles and neon colors. Remeber its beach wear so take shoes which are waterproof at the same time stylish. Take a couple of pairs which are light weight and doesn’t take up much space

Accessories: these are definitely a must haves. If you can’t experiment with your shoes or your clothes , then here is where you can go wild .  Take a lot of long chains, they can be worn easily with anything and won’t be uncomfortable especially if you are going to be in the sun all day and sweaty.  I avoid anything in the hand or the ears as it becomes difficult to handle after sometime due to the weather.  Layered chains will be a difinate yes and if you can wear them  sperately as well then nothing like it.  Remember a statement neckpiece can bring a new life to your travel wardrobe
In the end do make sure that the slippers you take with you on your trip are comfortable as you will be walking on the beach and partying in the night

Go for Gold

Gold is the new color which is making its rounds in the fashion world. Dont cringe – it adds a new life to your wardrobe.  Gold jackets, Gold dresses bring out a very 80s look and you can grab eye balls whenever you wear this.  If you dont want to make much of a statement then  Gold shoes or Gold accessories can do the trick where it is subtle at the same time prominent. A black outfit with a Gold jacket brings out the style quotient. While buying a Gold jacket do keep in mind the length and the color – a glossy finish gold jacket is right now making the rounds in the fashion market. We always prefer a waist length jacket as it elongates your body but a crop jacket will also look good if you team it up with a black jumpsuit or a maxi dress. So Go for Gold and do send us your snap shorts with your Gold Jacket

Black and White

Black and White is making a huge comeback on the world of runway.  A black and white dress can bring out a very stylish look and looks great on an Indian skin tone.  Jazz it up with a pop of color either through a bright clutch or an accessory.  You can also team up a crisp white shirt with black pants or a black top with a white skirt or just wear a black and white dress. Any of these mixes will make your attire very stylish and also give you a  distant look.  When in doubt where a black and white combo it never fails.  Also stock up on jazzy accessories – like a belt or a clutch or a neck piece which can go very well with this look. When you are wearing a black and white look make sure that you keep your shoes very simple or you can be adventurous and add in a pop of color. Either go in for nude pumps or an electric blue style.  We recently spotted Kareena Kapoor in 3 different black and white looks.  Here is our take on this style