Eat your Melissa Tomorrow

Give your soles the taste of sweet Melissa. For the first time in Bangalore, The Bombay Attic and Roshni Thadani, invite you and your little fashionista for mini muffins and milkshakes “A pop up of Brazilian shoe brand Melissa – Spring Summer 15 collection – Eat my Melissa” on Friday 27th March 2015 from 11am to 6pm

Melissa promises to turn up the heat with its summer 2015 collection. The brand dives into the pleasure of eating. The collection’s delicious name – Eat My Melissa – represents the mixture of this worldwide satisfaction with the first reaction one has upon smelling the tutti-frutti aroma of a Melissa. The smell awakens a desire to eat and taps into the sensuality of touch and smell.

The brand offers mom and daughter collection, where you both can look stylish in the same style. The best part of this collection is that its luxury at affordable prices.  Melissa and Mini- Melissa are going to make you want more. Mini Melissa’s are also worn by celebrity kids including Tom cruise’s daughter Suri

So head out with your daughter for a stylish shopping spree and show us your style !!


The Bald Statement

As the temperature rises we have women going for different hairstyles, But what caught our eye are these 2 remarkable women who dared to go all the way.

Madhavi Rongala Co-founder of  House of Tamara and Namu Kini , CEO and Co- founder at Conversations with Namu kini and Kynkyny Art – Contemporary Indian Art, decided that it’s time to take on the heat and opt for the most stylish and bold cut of all – The bald look.

Both woman made their very own style statement and rocked the attire they wore. So beat the heat and get with the bald look, if you dare

Do share with us your look and we will feature you

Hat Style

Time to get that hat out of your closet or add them to your shopping list soon. As the sun is in full swing, make the most of it and add that hat in your style to give it a very easy breezy look. Team them up with leggings or a maxi dress and you will definitely make a style statement

Get the style

Hat – Forever 21

Style can be so easy and fun, in this hot weather you can opt for a thin layering.

Worn with a linen dress here is a thin printed shrug which is easy and light and jazzes up your whole outfit.  The entire outfit is so comfortable that you can wear it the whole day and go about different events.  The shoes and accessories are gold so that the color of the dress and the shrug becomes more prominent.  Wear this shrug with black tees and black pants and you can create a whole new style

Get the style –

Tokyo Talkies Black and Blue printed shrug–

A Style in Vineyard

Holiday IQ and Bangalore Soma Vineyards organised a Women Wanderers meet up recently and Stylesisterz were invited.  As women travelers we often try to put comfort before style. Here we showcase how you can put your best foot forward into a 120 acre vineyard. A printed wrap dress from Avirate was easy to wear and the colors matched the luscious grapes of Soma Vineyard.  Just remember to wear some flats but jazz it up by wearing a gold or a white color flats which will make the dress more prominent and give you the comfort of walking around the vineyard. Always try to mix comfort with style, Its not easy but then hey we are here to make it easy for you.

Show us your most comfortable and stylish pictures and we will share it with others in our blog or fb page 


This blog post is dedicated to the wonderful 9 yards. The saree, the most stylish of all the clothing we ever own. The saree compliments the indian body so much and its made only for us.  Iam sure everyone would agree that a saree makes your day, As we see the saree slipping into only occasional wears some of us have tried to revive it and take the #100sareepact. The idea is to wear one saree a day and revive old memories and re-kindle our love for the 9 yards  . Anju and Ally kudos to you guys for creating this pact and making it such a huge success.

So here we are wearing our favorite saree, do send us your pictures and tell us your story

Eazy Breezy

As the winter is coming to a close and the winds are out, is time to get your linens out and dance with the breeze.  A linen pant is your best friend when you are going on a short trip. Non fussy and extremely comfortable. But get away from the usual colors of khakhi green and browns and try out the fresh lemon yellow. Yes i did say lemon yellow for all those  who cringed.

Combine it with a dark  or light top and a fashionable scarf and you are ready to take that short drive. Why should you dress down just because you are travelling?? Mix fashion and comfort. Another trick to jazz up your wardrobe during these short trips are your shoes – look out for comfortable yet an attractive shoe. I love shimmer and shine so mine was all bling at the same time super comfy

Enjoy your trip and dont forget to post your pics

Top – Cotton World

Scarf – A gift by the beautiful Pooja

Pants – Cotton World

Shoes – Coach – New York



Winter Fashion

Recently visiting New York and getting frozen, we realized that winter does bring a damper to the fashionable you. So we tried to experiment with clothes. Apart from jackets which we wrote about in our previous post we experimented with dresses and yes we were successful. Dress fashionably at a cold destination, wear a simple dress, with tights underneath to give you warmth and dazzle it with leg warmers and your knee length boots. A winter jacket on top a wonderful scarf to keep you warm and you are good to go. Ofcourse, no one will notice the layers and layers of warmers you wear inside your beautiful dress. So dress it up and be your stylish best

winter jacket and leg warmers – Lifestyle, Dress – Avirate, Boots – New York, Scarf H&M

Location – Washington Sq Park – New York

From the streets of New York

So we are here people at the mothership of fashion, StyleSisterz are now in New York and reporting live from the fashion hub.  Travelling to New York at this time of the year means the weather would be cold, colder and frozen.  So how do you keep an eye on fashion when all you want to do is just cover up? The trick is very simple, your innerwear can be whatever you choose but make sure your winter jackets shouts fashion.  The way to do it is to pick up 3 simple colors of jackets – Black, Red and white.  When you pick up these jackets in india, do keep in mind the material is going to be much thinner than the cold which places like New York offer, so make sure that you look at a thicker material.  With these 3 colors you are good to go, mix and match with different scarfs and headgears to make your attire stylish

The new design which is rocking the streets of New York  is the Houndstooth design. We picked up a jacket in the same design from, just before leaving, something about this design caught our eye and lucky for us, it looks great and rocks the fashion quotient .  the design is so unique that it looks lovely on anything, jackets, hair bands, ear muffs, gloves, handbags. The main colors it comes is black and white but there are also other colors which you can try on. The streets of New York is now full of this design, Do get your hands on it and tell us how you have worn this design

Seek and you shall find!!

Now that the festive season is just a week away, iam sure we are all running around to find that perfect dress which will make you stand out in the crowd.  We all run to the branded stores and spend buckets of money just to find that single dress.  STOP!! and try to look at  smaller outlets which will give you a better deal and also some pleasent surprises .  One such shop is WOW in commercial street – Bangalore.  It offers some fabulous gowns, dresses, tops – the works which you can try at the store. Got this red toga dress from this store and i was all set for my Xmas party