Going back to Classics

Classics are making a huge comeback this year. We see florals everywhere, Off shoulder dresses and tops are still a huge range and the little black dress never goes out of style.

Who can forget Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Audrey Hepburn’s Little black dress with a string of pearls. Even now we sigh at that opening scene of the movie and dream about Tiffany’s

At a recent event i got to recreate that look, when i came across this gorgeous dress at Myntra at an unbelievable price. I was just waiting for the right occasion to arrive and when a cocktail party made its way i just grabbed it with both hands

With a bunch of pearls around my neck and back (As the neckpiece strings both ways) I made my way to this fabulous event and before i knew it, requests started pouring in from all my friends asking me about the dress and the pearl set

So here it is. Pearls from Rubans and dress from Myntra
Do let us know what you thought about this timeless look


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