A Medicine for your hair – Olaplex

My hair is my most favourite asset, i receive huge complements whenever i blow dry my hair for an event. But again it looses moisture , texture, breakage and dryness mainly because i keep colouring my hair.  Regular spa and massages just about maintain it and i have always been looking at some product which would give a long term relief rather than a short term solution

Earlier this week we were invited for a blogging event by  Bounce, a premier salon in Bangalore to launch the Olaplaex product.  The event was extremely interactive where the products was applied in our hair so that we could feel the difference. Olaplex is a product which fixes hair from inside out. Most of us have coloured hair and maintaining takes half the toll and also empties your pockets. A regular spa or a massage can only keep the hair healthy for a while. Olaplaex reconnects broken bonds which break when you colour hair

As Jorden Alexander (Global VP education at Olaplaex) puts it Olaplaex is  a ” Medicine for your hair ”

The treatment gave me an insight of how brittle our hair becomes due to regular colouring which is unavoidable, and olaplex coats the hair from within. Olaplex has also come up with home range which is available in all the Bounce outlet



A lease of life for my hair


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