From the streets of New York

So we are here people at the mothership of fashion, StyleSisterz are now in New York and reporting live from the fashion hub.  Travelling to New York at this time of the year means the weather would be cold, colder and frozen.  So how do you keep an eye on fashion when all you want to do is just cover up? The trick is very simple, your innerwear can be whatever you choose but make sure your winter jackets shouts fashion.  The way to do it is to pick up 3 simple colors of jackets – Black, Red and white.  When you pick up these jackets in india, do keep in mind the material is going to be much thinner than the cold which places like New York offer, so make sure that you look at a thicker material.  With these 3 colors you are good to go, mix and match with different scarfs and headgears to make your attire stylish

The new design which is rocking the streets of New York  is the Houndstooth design. We picked up a jacket in the same design from, just before leaving, something about this design caught our eye and lucky for us, it looks great and rocks the fashion quotient .  the design is so unique that it looks lovely on anything, jackets, hair bands, ear muffs, gloves, handbags. The main colors it comes is black and white but there are also other colors which you can try on. The streets of New York is now full of this design, Do get your hands on it and tell us how you have worn this design


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