Bring out the Leather !!

While checking  out the new Forever 21 store, my attention was bought to the black leather dress by my dear friend Pooja.  My first instinct  was a bit of a shock but when i saw my friends trying it on i realized that its the next fashion statement, and sure enough Mrs Aishwarya Rai Bachan was spotted wearing something similar.  She was a Gucci dress with leather color and shoulder tabs.   Do remember, that if you are trying the all leather outfit  then you got to have a fabulous body because this dress does full justice to it.  Team it up with Leather boots and you will be the star of the party.

Leather mixed with cloth was another trend i had spotted in London, some months back and its also come to india now. Again at the Forever 21 store spotted a black pant with leather patches on the side,  giving it an edgy look. If you dont want to get a full leather dress then this will be your next best option.  Wearing leather is more of being  a powerful dresser.  Invest in a  colored leather jacket or some shoes and you have an easy option sitting in your wardrobe whenever you are in a hurry to rush out

Do show us how you have worn the black leather dress


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