A sublime cup of Tea

On a breezy Bangalore winter evening, if someone offers a cup of tea, a comfortable seating with an open air view and some soothing violins in the background, wouldn’t you jump at it?  That’s exactly why I ended up experiencing 7 cups of exquisite tea, thoroughly enjoying every sip.

Sublime – House of Tea, organised a tête-à-tête with tea tasting at UB City, as a part of the Trousseau week.  We were invited by Uzma Irfan, Executive Director – Prestige Group, she took us through the entire Tea range Sublime offers.

Sublime Tea caters to a niche, but growing market of tea connoisseurs.   It has 12 different types of tea, each with a secret ingredient.

We started with Seventh Heaven, which can be had either hot or cold. The top note of Seventh Heaven is refreshingly raspberry. I preferred the cold option than the hot one.  Seventh Heaven also makes for a great cocktail mix, note.

Moroccan Mint Mix; having this cup of tea transports you into the spice souks of Morocco. The fragrance is absolutely divine, of spices and tastes unmistakably of mint and cinnamon. This is an extremely exhilarating tea.  And my favourite amongst all.

The Green Long Tea came next. The leaves of this tea are long and it’s a better version of the usual green tea, with a fresh, lingering aftertaste.

The White Tea with raspberry is a very new variant and has health benefits. It’s mainly for detox and cleanses your skin

Sublime House of Tea brings you Assam CTC, Ginger Mint, Green Long, Green Tea (Jasmine Mandarin) , Rose in Bloom, Seventh Heaven.

The entire pack is elegantly put together and can make for a classy and premium gift too, this festive season. So go ahead and take your pick. Sublime House of Tea is available at UB city and at select gourmet outlets.

To follow them on FB – https://www.facebook.com/sublimetea



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