A Formal Style

Sandhya’s style is mostly formal.  She wants to be comfortable in what she is wearing and be stylish at the same time. Sandhyas Mantra – “Always have a statement piece either in the  form of a jewelry or a handbag” which adds a pop to your wardrobe. For her change is constant.  Sandhya doesn’t like to  dress up casually, being from a hospitality background, she believes that a formal outlook in her style gives other people a professional attitude towards her. Being an image consultant herself, she is always on the go, where she is always meeting clients and hence her formal look matches her profile and people dont take her for granted . Her warmth comes across with the way she speaks and interacts with her clients.  Her style shows her as a professional person. She always tries to add Jackets/blazers to her ensemble. You wouldnt catch sandhya in a casual attire, even if you do she will be mixing her casual attire with a jacket or a blazer   According to sandhya, clothes and an attitude give  respect to an individual. Sandhya Aiyer Oza is a Mrs Universe contestant and has recently won the title of Mrs Photogenic. Do you like sandhyas style? do leave us your feeback

Photo Couretsy –  BestPhotographers.BIZ‘s


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