An Earthy Style

Chaitali’s style is more of an Indian banjara. She always had an eye for rustic and rural style . A wander at heart -Her style is what she creates. She is most comfortable with Ghagara and cholis then in a pair of Jeans. Her travels are her mecca . Her trip to Gujarat made her incorporate a lot of the culture in her own dressing.

Tying chunnis around her waist with leggings and making it her own style statement is what she loves to do .Breaking a lot of pre-conceived notions. She gives every garment her own twist. Even a saree on her gets a Chaitali’s twist. She likes going into remote corners and looking for jewelry and would rather look for locally available and handmade products than at branded clothes. For her what you wear,  should bring a part of you out to the world. She creates her style with layers and feels that when you listen to your body, your style emerges

Chaitali – A radical Baker


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