Travel Style -Goa

Whenever we pack for travel, we first think of comfort and not style.  Here are few tips to keep the style quotient intact, when you are travelling to a humid place like Goa
Clothes -weather is an important part of your travel so pack your clothes accordingly.  If its a humid climate take shorts or 3/4th pants and team it up with a jazzy top. If you are going to a sea area make sure your carry lots of whites, blues and pastel shades. They blend well and also make you a part of the place. Linens are another option for clothes you can look at. Flowy maxi dresses or kaftans can be your evening wear option.  Take a lot of tops with 2-3cotton pants which won’t take much space while packing. Also carry a light jacket /Stoll with you, cause the evening might get chilli.  And don’t forget your swimwear

Shoes : this is where you can really have fun. Try getting shoes with sparkles and neon colors. Remeber its beach wear so take shoes which are waterproof at the same time stylish. Take a couple of pairs which are light weight and doesn’t take up much space

Accessories: these are definitely a must haves. If you can’t experiment with your shoes or your clothes , then here is where you can go wild .  Take a lot of long chains, they can be worn easily with anything and won’t be uncomfortable especially if you are going to be in the sun all day and sweaty.  I avoid anything in the hand or the ears as it becomes difficult to handle after sometime due to the weather.  Layered chains will be a difinate yes and if you can wear them  sperately as well then nothing like it.  Remember a statement neckpiece can bring a new life to your travel wardrobe
In the end do make sure that the slippers you take with you on your trip are comfortable as you will be walking on the beach and partying in the night


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