A Shrug in hand saves 9

A very important part of a women’s wardrobe is a shrug.  Over the years we have tried and tested the various kinds of shrugs which we can wear and post all our defaults we have come up with some must haves.  Firstly while buying a shrug you need to understand whats the purpose of buying it.  Either it can be to cover up your arms or it can be to highlight your very plain dress or it just can be a light material to keep you warm in that monsoon breeze or maybe it can be all of these.  Secondly the length of the shrug is very important – women who are top heavy need to buy a shrug which reaches till their waist so that it gives an elongated look.  Women who have small shoulders can buy a shrug with shoulder pads or detailing on the shoulder which will make their shoulders look broader,  A short shrug goes very well with petite women and also with someone who wears a flowing maxi dress.  

Next the material of the shrug is very important, buy something which feels comfortable and doesnt make you feel too warm.  Shrugs come very much in handy while travelling, carry a light material which doesnt take too much space and is easy to put it on.  Also when you are buying a shrug try and get something with a sparkle or sequence to jazz up your dress and it can also be worn for a party at night.  Full length shrugs are very much in fashion now (check our blog on chiffon jackets).

And the most important try to get a shrug which has some detailing on the front – either a ruffle or some sequence or a cowl neck which makes your plain shrug suddenly stylish  

Kim Kadarshian and sonam kapoor do know how to wear their shrugs.

Do share with us on how you would wear your shrug !!



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