Chiffon Jackets

Chiffon Jackets or Chiffon Kimono Jackets  are making a huge wave in the streets of New York.  Its easy and light to carry around and can be teamed with a pair of shorts or a full length dress. For those who are conscious of their arms these jackets are a must haves. But more than ever i feel that these creates drama and give your plain dress an interesting twist. Recently at a store launch Masaba had a handful of these jackets and they sold like hotcakes. The length of the jacket can be either full length or till the waist and it can hang loose around your shoulders. If your jacket is heavily printed opt for a plain dress in the inner – remember you can only highlight one of the two. Also a chiffon jacket is your go-to jacket at this time of the season where there is a cool breeze in the evening and its still not too warm for a sweater.  You can also make them – just pick up chiffon materials and ask your local tailor to make a simple pattern for you. And dont forget to share it with us 



  1. Meera Rao · July 24, 2014

    Good idea! Can you have bigger pics, Nithya?

    • Nithya&Divya · August 2, 2014

      Sure Meera – will try for better and bigger pictures next time – thanks for reading

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