All About Style

Style is all about YOU.  What makes you feel good in that particular garment? Do you feel confident? Do you feel on top of the world ? Its all about your style.  We get so many references from different medias on what to wear – but will that work on us? Thats the main question.  Its the way you want to show yourself to the world.  And thats what we at Style Sisterz will try and help you with.


A little bit about us

We are sisters – Nithya and Divya.  We have learnt it the hard way to be stylish at the same time cost effective. Sometimes i, Nithya do go over the top but there is alway Divya who pulls me back and shows me cheaper options. Our motto “ cheap and chirpy “.  Ofcourse there are certain things you cant be cheap about but yes there is an effective second option or Jugaad as i love to call it.  The good part about us is that Divya will bring you fashions from New York, while i will cover india – so you will get to see styles from 2 different countries and understand whats going to be new

Why Style

With the new age media and selfies everyone wants to look good/presentable when you are out of your home. Even a trip to your tailor creates an impression on you.  The clothes that you wear talk about who you are.  And in turn it also gives you confidence and makes your day.  All of us love our likes on facebook. Post every weekend, we see what events/parties others have gone to and what have they worn.  Your effort is appreciated by a like or a comment and we will try to help you achieve that with simple tips to reference images on what can be worn and how. Hope this blog will help you create your own style



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